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Seamless Roof Coating

One of the great advantages a roof coating has over traditional flat roofing is that when properly installed, a roof coating is seamless. Think for minute about how many seams and possible leak points there are on a small metal roof and you can easily understand why a seamless roof is so important. And almost all non-metal, traditional flat roofs are usually installed in sections that either butt up to each other or overlap each other, and regardless of how they meet, they create a seam. These seams are prime breeding grounds for roof leaks, energy inefficiency, and lead to structural wear and weakness. These seams can be filled and covered by installing a new roof coating, restoring in your roof to a better than new condition. Take a look at the roof on the left before the roof coating was applied:

Seamless Roof Coatings Stop Roof Leaks

See all those lines running top to bottom and left to right? Those are the roof seams. Now compare the raw roof substrate before image on the left to the after roof coating image on the right. The seams virtually disappear leaving the roof in better than new condition.

Liquid Applied But Solid When Dried

Roof coatings are liquid applied by using brushes, rollers, and compressed air spray equipment. Spray equipment is recommended since it will yield the smoothest, most consistent, and highest quality results, but sometimes a brush or roller works best. A skilled professional coating applicator is also highly recommended as each roof is different and each application is unique. A skilled roof coatings applicator with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to know what to expect and how best to deal with the unexpected, which could end up saving the building owner a lot of money now, and later. Contact us for the name of a professional roof coatings applicator in your area.

The seamless roof is achieved by applying the coating in sections that overlap each other in such a way that they become one. Once the entire roof has been covered, additional coats may be applied perpendicular to the previous layer. Additional layers will bond to previous layers, giving the entire roof a new durable, waterproof rubber-like top. The dried and cured coating becomes a solid membrane, much like a thick film of waterproof rubber that sticks to the roof substrate and actually becomes the top most layer of the roof.

For added insulation value, spray foam roofing, which is also a seamless, can be laid down on the roofing substrate before top coating. And if the roof base needs to be replaced, there are several alternatives available, the best of which are bright white, single-ply cool roofing systems.

Roof Maintenance

Annual inspections are recommended and maintenance programs are available and when applied by an approved contractor, the roof coating may qualify for a long term warranty for the materials and or the labor to install them. Contact us for more information on the warranties available in your area.

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